noasi on a smaller scale

Normally, I’m the last to upgrade my devices to the latest iOS. With this happening at FB, however, I’m first in line… “We can’t target individuals given Apple’s commitment to privacy!”

Lunch, because adulting and 2020

top down view of a bowl of vanilla ice cream with blackberry sauce

So, what we are learning this year is that the Mayan calendars were 8 years off. Not bad forecasting for a system in use 2500+ years ago.

dark sky umage with a small lightning bolt along the top

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” - William Morris

I still need to hang these lovely Penrose Tile windows by Claire Oliphant, I love all of her works!

Surprising bonus of working from home: russian crunches between questions when the video is off during conference calls.

medicine ball resting between two feet

Hope is the cruelest form of denial.

Love you, too.

stenciled LOVE YOU on the sidewalk

Walked along the neighborhood alleys tonight. Said alleys seem to be the only reasonable elevation texture around here, lots of short hills.

Listening to two twenty-somethings talk about what screwups their younger siblings are, I suspect every one of us is someone else’s “what a screwup.”

bee photobombing another bee in a sunflower center

Today’s stair walk of Portland’s Alameda Ridge was just under 14km and about 3 hours long. Next time, I’m wearing shorts.

“I got this.” 🐝

bumble bee on a purple flower


close up of a sunflower core

Leg warmers on bees!

native oregon bee with pollen along its hind legs


screenshot of the -48°C temperature in Antarctica

Reminded again, pain is fleeting, glory is forever, chicks dig scars.

Especially the scars part. They are beautiful. They make us who we are.

Found a new one, less patina on this one.

One of the rougher days this past month. Tomorrow might be better.

Him: “Are you in line?”

Me (masked): “I am not.”

Him: “Would you stand some place else?”

Me: looks, sees I am standing 8’ from him and the line “No. If you get in line, and move forward, you’ll be, you know, 12’ away.”

Somewhere in Portland is a guy who thinks I’m the jerk.

yellow flowers


Today is, again, not that day.

screenshot of a dismissive comment about covid testing and my callout response

Site at work launched. Was a six hour deploy process. I am le tired.

daisies maybe?

Portland walks continue to delight me.

More than a little delighted by tonight’s take out. I have had more take out in the last two weeks than in the previous four months combined. For this, however, I mind less. #ramen

a bowl of miso ramen