noasi on a smaller scale

Another Red Rocks training hike, this time with the Cherry Gulch loop. #dawnpatrol ⛰

Spend the early afternoon plotting other hikes. Looking forward to next week’s planned 10k and 12k summits.

Walking to the store last night, I was jumped by a black cat. Friendly, well-fed, and insistent that she be petted.

Given how 2020 is going, if the universe wants me to pet a cat, I’m petting a cat, even if superstitions are screaming loudly.

“Bare with me, Kitt, as I rearrange schedules.”

Um… I am not getting naked with you, coworker.

“Sometimes endings are more important than beginnings.”

Watching a friend teach his child about chess endgames, I am grateful for being invited into their world.

Things I should not do at 6pm: have tea.

Things I am going to do at 6pm: have tea.

I hope they are hit by cars into being able to think intelligently.

First Colorado training hike complete. Little winded on the up, but far, far less than expected.

Will hike Red Rocks again before heading to Devil’s Head Lookout Tower in a few days. #dawnpatrol ⛰

An inauspicious beginning to the preparations for this first Colorado mountain climb. #dawnpatrol ⛰

Sitting on the porch, the smell of impending rain comes rushing in with the wind.

My first thought is, “Ooooo! Petrichor!”

My second is, “Wait, I smelled that.”


“Not what I was expecting.”

“False advertising in one direction, or cultural appropriation in the other. Back away slowly.”

Unexpected visitor du jour.

snake in the dirt just off a sidewalk

“I couldn’t do that. I don’t like the cold.”

“I wasn’t cold.”

“But you’re always cold.”


“They actually let you sit inside now.”

“Oh, really?”

They go off to sit inside the restaurant.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

How am I this tired and still wide awake?

Right. Mt Baker.

Mt Baker and all its mountaineering induced injuries.

sunset view of mountains and mist at sunset from ½ way up Mt Baker in Washington, US

View from about 85% up Washington’s Mt. Baker’s south side approach.

mountainous skyline wjrh blue sky above and glacier snow below in shadow


Portland blueberries do not disappoint, even in September.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard about my car dying as I am right now.

That I am willing to place my bag on the airport floor to keep the woman behind me away from me is a testament to this woman’s inability to measure rwo meters. #morninggrumps

Thoughts On A Day, September 2nd

Desert, so of course we have cockroaches. The one in my bedroom could have at least waited until I went to bed. It is now crushed and in the front yard.

I haven’t used this backback in probably 12 years.

Tomorrow is going to be rough. Always up late on the travel nights.

I am grateful my brother will be staying at the house in my absence.

I’ve been driving my boat with my anchor still down. Time to lift it and move full throttle.

I am uncertain of my fitness.

This adventure is exploratory and educational, I do not need to summit. I would be good with reaching the summit, however.

The view from the other side of the argument, given by a neutral third party, is eye-opening.

They made it home safely.

I registered to vote today. First time in my life voting in a state other than California.

I am tired.

Stupid mosquito.

I ate two pints of ice cream today, and only two pints of ice cream.

I would like to believe this life is not merely a test.

What’s good? What’s bad? Who knows.

Years ago when I split from my college BF, I had adventures (motorcycles, scuba, and hang-gliding) that terrified my parents, who wondered if I had a death wish.

I’m in a similar situation now. Eying a trip to Stockholm for Frantzen and Ekstedt, has that recklessness returned?

Bought cup sake in paired glasses so I had some to share with my love.

That didn’t work out.

And the sake isn’t a fave of mine.

cup sake on a window ledge

I don’t know if managers understand how insulting being told, “Don’t post abt this unless I review your copy” is. Treating employees like children displays an incredible lack of trust, which erodes confidence in leadership. I was told, however, I could post abt food w/out review.

Probably shouldn’t have eaten that pint of ice cream.