noasi on a smaller scale

OH “Nobody expects the American Insurrection.”

OH: “There is always another level of bad, often involving shit.”

Yu the Great from Julia Bainbridge’s Good Drinks, a delicious thai basil, matcha, lime, alcohol-free drink. So tasty! 😍

New tea mug from Andy! It is a Chemist Cup by Haand. Squeeeeeee! 🍵

top down view of a cup of tea in Kitt's new tea cup

The dregs of the loose leaf tea. 🍵

Happy Boxing Day! 🎁

top down view of steeping tea leaves

I adore Good Drinks by Julia Bainbridge, fantastic recipes for non-alcoholic drinks.🍹📚

The Great Conjunction from the hills. Great viewing for about 20 minutes, until the clouds rolled in.

Taking a break.

peanut butter cookie in a dish

Missing this place desperately. 🇦🇶

Andy captured the neighborhood strays and introduced them to his ducks. An exciting meeting!

And so it begins.

“You always like to drive!”

The comment was made in jest, and yet, somewhat derogatory, like a woman isn’t allowed to drive or be in control. 😒


Repeat after me, “We do not use items from the Go Bag until we have gone. We do not use items from the Go Bag until we have gone.”

Defeats the point of a Go Bag. Argh again.


After two weeks of a very poor, sugar and wheat heavy diet, finally made a healthier meal. Every streak starts with one in a row…

Today is National Cookie Day.

Like every day since March this year, tbh.

I’m going to celebrate by eating pie.

Looks like I picked the wrong month to give away all my alcohol.

Well, now that I flooded everyone’s timeline, this is Chase. He “crossed the rainbow bridge” 12 days, 7 hours, and 19 minutes ago.

I miss him a lot.

My dog just died.

Let us call this irony: a sign in the lawn of the people who let their dog poop in others’ yards and don’t clean up said poop.

Need to teach my dog to poop on demand.

“The act of casting a ballot is in your control. Who gets elected is not. The latter is not an excuse from the duty of the former.”

Source: the Daily Stoic

Sure, yes, weight loss media is what I’m looking for, Apple, when I search for “lose yourself,” sure.

screenshot of weight loss media when searching for eminem's lose yourself

Deleted the games from my phone to stop my mindless playing. Worked flawlessly today. Am delighted.

20 minutes into meeting with 4 women and 2 men, and the “you guys” count topped 29. 😒😒😒

Guy 1: “How’s your Go code?”

Guy 2: “Uh… probably terrible.”

Me: “Spoken like a senior developer.”