noasi on a smaller scale

I love the light through @snookca’s whiskey glass.

Cacao y chai latte, not a fan, worth trying.

Democracy in Chains by Nancy Maclean is a fascinating read, telling us how we arrived here today in politics. Consider 40-some years ago, a bunch of FRAs decided to kill democracy, played the long game, and are winning. Strongly recommended, even though difficult. πŸ“š

We’re going down… down… down…

The companion photo to yesterday’s up.

Things are looking up!

I appreciate the packaging on this protein powder packet: opening it creates a pouring spout.

At some point, Zillow, you’re going to have to accept that that house is not actually going into foreclosure. I’d argue you could figure it out in fewer than 10 years.

Good times, good times.

Feet in the Mediterranean Sea.

Was cold.

Today’s London Fog!


“Walk the land” is a task, chore, opportunity every farmer has on the work list, and one I am not quite in tune with yet.

As a result, I missed some very clear signs telling me the sheep needed more food. πŸ‘

I hope the tree survives. 🍊

The tape holding down the broken tiles have returned as a mini Godzilla.

This morning’s cooking adventure was a success, not too sweet.

I’m delighted to be baking again.

Red clover experiment 1: failure in outcome, success in knowledge that is doesn’t stir well in water.

One of those kind of days.

Downside: broke a favorite tea mug by dropping it.

Upside: at least these are still in production, and I can buy another.


Today shall be a day of walking.

“A common note among people who make comics, is that we find ourselves making them because the things we want to read don’t really exist. We create the books we want to have.”

Warren Ellis

Recently finished books:

Genghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World, by Weatherford - recommended.

Mindset, by Dweck- strongly recommended.

Call Sign Chaos, by Mattis - recommended.

I’ve been lucky in my last dozen or so reads, all have been good to fantastic. πŸ“š

Spent yesterday flat on my back, sick all day, unable to keep anything down or in. Here’s hoping today is better, or I’m heading to urgent care for fluids.

The Day Afterℒ️


“Let us accept it,” Marcus Aurelius wrote to himself in his own journal some two thousand years ago, “as we accept what the doctor prescribes. It may not always be pleasant, but we embrace it β€” because we want to get well.”

Happy Thanksgiving to my American peeps! πŸ¦ƒ

Me? I’m starting the drinking early (Hello, family!).