noasi on a smaller scale

An American eating a Swiss breakfast at a French restaurant with a Canadian in Mexico.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Current projects are in javascript, kotlin, java, ruby, python, dart, php, and bash.

Now, where does that semicolon go?

Never underestimate spite as a motivator for genius.

Sam Kean, The Disappearing Spoon p 179

OH: “Not my circus. Not my monkeys.”

“I wonder whether the baby boomers were as annoyed by our generation 😂”

“They were too busy ‘fighting the man.’ Hell, they didn’t even notice they became ‘the man.’”


Welp, found The Viking 1914 store in Copenhagen. There goes my notebook budget for next year… An employee agreed with my comment, “If I worked here, I’d be paid in notebooks.” with “Yes, but it won’t pay the rent.”

How clever of me to set my ssh configuration to ssh-key-only, then let my ssl certs expire when I’m on my travelling laptop, which lacks said ssh keys.

PasswordAuthentication no

Copenhagen has been delightful! #adventure

All in one amazing bite at Geranium with @snookca #copenhagen

Friend sends over a 12 digit number, in 3 groups of 4 numbers, no explanation.

I immediately know what it is, and can’t stop laughing. #pgo4evr

An amazing Thanksgiving dinner with @snookca and the family. Full on nostalgia and Norman Rockwell emotions happening!

OH: “Your ass must be jealous of all the shit coming out of your mouth.”

I really want to be able to come up with responses like this in the moment. Alas, not a strength of mine.




Do I know anyone here who lives in Atlanta? Any chance of a meetup next Monday evening?

TIL my parents aren’t fans of my singing Queen at the top of my lungs in their house. 

Outside seems to be okay, though. 🎶

In a happy place… 🍵 + 📚

Pretty sure the people upstairs brought in a herd of 🐘🐘🐘 again tonight. The 🐘🐘🐘 start tap dancing nightly around 00:15.

Might invest in a broom to pound on the ceiling at 7am when I wake up. #nonotreally

OH: “Humans are good at detecting context changes. Computers are not.”

I cannot lift my arms. 5x22

The country is ripping itself apart.…

OH: “I think cars are very internet-like, in that they insulate people from the reality of what assholes they’re being.”

Life, you are incredibly f’ing strange.

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