noasi on a smaller scale

Water flow is looking good. Upstream neighbor was cynical about the level, though. Will know in an hour if I’ll be okay with this run. #floodirrigation

Eh? No, your email was not found.

But somewhere here in between the city walls of dyin’ dreams, I think of death, it must be killin’ me.

Dev pro tip in working well with your fellow developers: don’t close other developers’ PRs/MRs unmerged without their permission or acknowledgement.

If this plane goes down, it will be in a flaming ball of irony.

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In a desert field of gravel, nature finds a way. #nofilter #exceptwhatthrphonedid

My laptop has a “bug.”

“Well, that’s a new one for me,” says Mom.

126 pushups today (no, not in a row), building up from 36 six weeks ago.

I haven’t not been sore since January.

A neighbor braced the branch gate. Flow is good now, covers the port.

This morning’s adventure: set up the checks, open the ports, complain with the neighbors about the lack of head on today’s flow, and flood the yard.

Today I learned that sheep are really smart: they, too, don’t like grapefruit.

Related: whoooo! neighbor’s sheep in my yard!

One of my favorite mailing lists, have been a reader for years and years

Not my usual view, delighted and grateful to have had it today.

“Work from anywhere!” I thought, “What a great deal!”

“Work any hours that fit your schedule!” I thought, “What a great deal!”

Not quite realizing the people who have the information I need don’t work at 11:30pm on a Saturday night, or 4:45am on a Tuesday. 😒

docker. 😒


Diet done. Down 5% body weight, sugar cravings stopped, clothes fit well, and a lot sick from my breakfast choice this morning. Going back on the now “diet” in 3… 2…

😒 What’s the point of having error messages in the logs if no one looks at the log files?

Watching yourself being written out of someone else’s history is an interesting experience.

Can’t recommend it.

So, when a fellow developer starts a request to a team of only women developers with, “hey, guys,” we can ignore the request, as none of us are guys, right?

Still not used to the broiler on this oven. Worse, no sense of smell to know I was burning my food.

Mossy! #pdx #pdxne

$11011.00 - renews at $11/yr.

Even less desirable names are “premium.”


Sun rising over the bay.

The overhead bin has a seam in the middle, preventing normal sized bags to fit in. There’s a soft bag in the bin on the edge. 5 people have tried to shove their normal bags into the middle spot, none have moved the soft bag to the middle to use the space. Is frustrating to watch.