noasi on a smaller scale

Morning walks in a Portland summer always delight me.

walking to local mexican restaurant

“You going to order the ceviche?”

“Ah, no, they don’t have it on their winter menu.”

“It’s June.”

Looks around, sees the clouds, checks the temperature, remembers she’s in Portland

“Yes! Ceviche!”

Back in a stunningly happy place.

Birthday decadence!

I bought a reserve white tea a month or so ago, a small batch. I was excited to try it yesterday.

Turns out, it tastes like a green tea, not a white one, even though it looks like a silver needle white.

I am disappointed.

Things never to do drunk: workouts to exhaustion.

When drunk, you don’t stop when injured or tired, you keep going, making any injury incurred worse.

I title this one, “Sheep by Moonlight,” subtitled, “WTF do I keep getting crappy irrigation times?”

Excited to be going to the IndieWeb Summit in Portland, OR June 29-30, 2019 - - I have so many questions… #indiewebcamp

Good news!

I found the missing roll of toilet paper!

Related: Why the f’ is there a roll of toilet paper in my bed?

Upstream port has sufficient flow. Am concerned about the downstream port’s flow.

Oddly, the scorpions and roaches are out in full force tonight, haven’t seen this many at an irrigation before. The scorpions feeding on the roaches was tonight’s biggest surprise.

Um… so this happened.

Snowflakes everywhere.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Blackberry sorbet from my blackberry bushes! 😍

Today’s blackberry haul. Am thinking blackberry ice cream…

Not so current status.

“You want to know who lives, who dies, who writes your story.”

me: “7pm, Friday night at SFO, getting work done. Sure.”

him: “Kinda cool to be able to work from anywhere. Even if sometimes it’s an airport on a Friday night.”

What a world we live in.

Naked sheep in my yard! Best lawn mower so far…

Water flow is looking good. Upstream neighbor was cynical about the level, though. Will know in an hour if I’ll be okay with this run. #floodirrigation

Eh? No, your email was not found.

But somewhere here in between the city walls of dyin’ dreams, I think of death, it must be killin’ me.

Dev pro tip in working well with your fellow developers: don’t close other developers’ PRs/MRs unmerged without their permission or acknowledgement.

If this plane goes down, it will be in a flaming ball of irony.

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In a desert field of gravel, nature finds a way. #nofilter #exceptwhatthrphonedid