noasi on a smaller scale

Have a penguin. This one is a chinstrap penguin, hanging at Fort Point on Greenwich Island. 🇦🇶

Just found an outfitter that can guide me to the top of Vinson Massif. Which is to say, I’m in trouble now: this idea isn’t going to let me go. 🇦🇶

California Privacy Directory… - check out the full list.

I see I have a weekend project, contacting many of these companies.

Welcome, @MKoopaJr! Can’t wait for your first post! :)

I went for the ice.

Others went for the animals, seals and whales and penguins.

Some moments, we were all content.


Fellow traveller to 🇦🇶, Julia Watson, took this one, I love the gloomy filtering on the photo. The day was much brighter than this.

And now, culture shock. The US is so loud. 🇦🇶

And back.

Wow. 🇦🇶

bbiab 🇦🇶

Reminded again that my motivating factor in personality growth over the last couple decades really has been “don’t be like that person.”

That youtube algorithm needs a lot of work if it is recommending science skepticism to me. Flat earth? Puhlease.

“Oh, people, what were you thinking?

I’ve seen this movie, it doesn’t end well.”

Tilly wishes you a Happy New Year! 🥳

Finally, branding that I don’t mind, given how toasty my toes are.

My threatening-to-become-annual Internet recycling request: if you have too many Field Notes 2020 calendars and are about to toss the extras, could I send you a SASE and take one off your hands?

“If I eat them and don’t die, will you eat some, too?”

Found some mushrooms in the back yard a couple days ago. Spores confirm they are honey mushrooms, so Andy is giving them a try.

I will wait until tomorrow before I try them.

Success! Seeing a sunrise has been on my todo list all year! Managed to see one this morning. Yay for late sunrises!

Untitled Duck Game.

Current status: giggling at the Tilly Girl

Hello, Winter.

TFW you realize that grout repair you intended to do in the bathroom is actually “regrout the entire shower.”


Today’s challenge: say nothing about yourself in conversations with family, friends, and coworkers. See how long until someone notices.

I’m not thrilled to be able to say, “See? I told you they were doing this!” at Christmas dinner this year.

Dear fellow traveller,

I didn’t choose not to be an asshole so that you could be an asshole. Be kind to the next traveller and move your shit off the seat like I did.

Love, Kitt.

“Nothing good ever needs to be talked about in a back room.”