noasi on a smaller scale

Well, now that I flooded everyone’s timeline, this is Chase. He “crossed the rainbow bridge” 12 days, 7 hours, and 19 minutes ago.

I miss him a lot.

My dog just died.

Let us call this irony: a sign in the lawn of the people who let their dog poop in others’ yards and don’t clean up said poop.

Need to teach my dog to poop on demand.

“The act of casting a ballot is in your control. Who gets elected is not. The latter is not an excuse from the duty of the former.”

Source: the Daily Stoic

Sure, yes, weight loss media is what I’m looking for, Apple, when I search for “lose yourself,” sure.

screenshot of weight loss media when searching for eminem's lose yourself

Deleted the games from my phone to stop my mindless playing. Worked flawlessly today. Am delighted.

20 minutes into meeting with 4 women and 2 men, and the “you guys” count topped 29. 😒😒😒

Guy 1: “How’s your Go code?”

Guy 2: “Uh… probably terrible.”

Me: “Spoken like a senior developer.”

Today’s randomness: for the first time in decades, I wrote my name with seven strokes instead of eight strokes.

I hated it. It’ll be another couple decades before I do that again.

Unrelated, have a picture of a weed.

This should have been my #adayinthelife photo. #stillalive

A distraction hike along the Bob Stutz Path in Los Altos Hills, California, just after five in the evening, with Andy and his two dogs, Tilly and Luna. #adayinthelife

Puppy dog, get better, please. #stillalive

A woman who would take away the rights of women would not have the power to do so if not for the efforts of the woman she is replacing, the woman who fought for those rights and that power.

Without Ginsburg, would Barrett be where she is today? I say likely not.

I will never understand people who sort their bookcases by the color of the book jacket or spine. 📚

Strange lighting tonight.

Today in New Life Adventures, I trimmed a duck’s wings to prevent her from flying away.

. @help SSL cert expired or bad caching on my device?

I keep forgetting the garlic.

At least I remembered the tomatoes today.

Yeaaaaaaaah… someone get JK an editor. Too many words. 📚

Whatever you do, don’t buy the Trader Joes Pumpkin Spice Batons*.

  • unless you’re okay having all 12 wafers at once! Yum!

“So how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

Give me another week, dog, just one more. #stillalive #chaseachu

A day.

Welcome, October.


The dog knows, when you are on your last legs, you leave the devil’s cut, even if you are a beagle. #stillalive #chaseachu

Life comes at you fast.