noasi on a smaller scale

Hello, Los Angeles!

Laughing! Just had an alarm go off to remind myself to put a book on hold at the library - a book I finished reading 30 books ago. Past self, you crack me up.

Monday, Monday, why hast thou visited us again so soon? I shall make the best of the day by micro Monday recommending Ben, blogging at @bsndesign, for his wonderful sketchnotes and excellent taste in books. 📚

8 pages into reading Espresso Coffee, the Science of Quality and the second page falls out of the book. So much for quality from Elsevier. 📚

Love @dietervds’ security newsletter. So many good (read: scary) articles about the previous week’s security stories, so much good information.

Once more into the breach…

If my insurance company really cared, would they send an email with a teaser, or put the information where I am reading it now? Three guesses, first two don’t count.


Gave another talk tonight on improving image performance for the web. A relief to be done, time for super-introvert time to recover.

Interesting timing happening today.

“My dad was a doodler, he taught me how to draw.” @draplin - my dad taught me about torque and how to fix cars. #smashingconf

Hey, it is Monday, also known as Let’s All Follow @rosemaryorchard Day here on Micro Monday!

Hrrrrrm… timeline caching issues FTL

Sigh. It is a touch screen, not a punch screen, and all of the ones on the back of plane seats should be removed. #stoppunchingtheseat

Okay, the best part of this restaurant might just be the heated seats of the Toto Washlet. 🚽 🤔

Unsure what to do when my usual soothing mechanisms fail me. 😒

Okay, yes, I finally understand the appeal of being able to see @-replies only when you follow both accounts. I look forward to the ability to switch behaviors when the option is added to the various clients.

Order has been restored.

What am I doing here? No idea! But my talk is done, so time to enjoy the rest of