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I’m speaking at ImageCon on April 12th, and just realized, I’m the first speaker post-keynote. gulp


OH: “shibas are cool because you’re emulating a cat on dog hardware”

Editing CSS on CodePen, then including the CSS here via the theming “Edit CSS” results in a new look: - Fun enough, I might change this weekly.

No, everything is not going to be okay.

Looks good, tastes awful. Not all adventures are good, but even the bad ones can make good stories.

Finished The Salt Line by Holly Goddard Jones. Rated “Fan - read if you’re a fan of the author or of dystopian fiction” 📚

OH: “youtube is a strange and amazing place”

Latest No, You Go podcast episode is out! Getting started and following through…

Let’s just say I am on the wrong land mass at this moment, shall we?

The cookbook I started using has Himalayan salt in all the recipes. Every. One. I couldn’t find any at the local store, so Jonathan bought me some online. It arrived today.


I have had better ideas than making butternut squash soups while approaching drunk, but not many.

Updating my on-hold domains’ SPF TXT records to “v=spf1 -all” - ‘this domain sends no mail at all.’…

Raspberry cheesecake, looked more like red velvet cheesecake, tbh.

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah, no.


Finished This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance by Jonathan Evison. Rated “Fan” - read if you’re a fan of the author, otherwise skip it. 📚

Never ro-sham away what you’ve already won.

Not. A. Fan.