noasi on a smaller scale

Finished The Genius Within by David Adam. Rated “Fun Read” - I enjoyed it, but am unsure I would recommend it. 📚

With this book, I have reached my goal of “Read 52 books this year, one third of them non-fiction.

Rule one of attending graduation ceremonies: always bring a book.

You cannot spit in the plates and then demand your dinner.

Morning’s hike.

yawn morning. stretch what did I miss?


Oh f—.

World, WTF?

I confused a lot of people by looking down instead of up at the Rijksmuseum library. I do that well, the confusing of people.

Morning ritual in a foreign city: walk to new coffee shop, enjoy the views.

Canal in Amsterdam, still surprisingly light at 2255. Have enjoyed these past two days, conference starts tomorrow.

Hello, Amsterdam!

Not a penny.

“Let it go already.”

“Mom, I let it go eight months ago.”

Family drama. Never really ends, does it?

Ending today’s work on an upswing with a nice sunset and a tiny taste of Glendalough 13, which was described to me as “pencil shavings and a tire fire,” but is really citrus, caramel, flower, and a tire fire. #difficultday #gratefulforthegoodparts

Finished Draft No. 4, On the Writing Process by John McPhee, a fantastic read about writing non-fiction. Rated “Strongly Recommended” 📚

Whoo! It’s live! Current best practices for web images, oodles of practical tips for optimizing, managing & implementing on @ctrlclickcast The State of Web Images

Finished On Bullshit by Harry G. Frankfurt. An essay on what bullshit is, and what it isn’t, the book has some profound thoughts about truth and speech. Rated “Worth Reading” 📚


This will do nicely.

I have two broken toes on the same foot and I would like to say, airports are not designed for the elderly or hobbled. The “close” gates are 20 agonizing minutes of walking apart.

Went to Smith Teamaker this afternoon and tried a flight of new-for-me teas: an oolong, a rice+green, a darjeeling, and a black blend. Only the rice+green survived the purchase cut, but an amazing experience! #pdx #tea 🍵

So… WWDC? This is a thing? Kidding. Did they announce better Maps integration such that Siri doesn’t send you to the next state over when you want to go to a place three kilometers over?