noasi on a smaller scale

Okay, this restaurant is just messing with me now. #simpsons

What is going on here? #therearefourlights

Few notice what’s underneath their feet.

TIL that two white spaces at the end of a line in markdown will render a br element in the html. Thanks @das_aug for the tip!

Micro Monday again? Hot damn! Let’s all follow @shinypb! Mark is one of those wonderful people you are happy to know. :)

Unrelated: surface tension is neat:

chrome://dns/ 🤔

Preparing myself for a Sunday morning trouncing.

TIL about lily moths via… see also…

I often consider a new tea pot, but this one works so well, and doubles as a measuring cup, so no new one yet.

A Title Nine ad on - this delights me more than it probably should.


Finished reading The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. If you’re a fan of Faerie fiction, give this a go; otherwise, skip it. 📚

A story I’m writing has a scene with the protagonist reflecting on a number of emotionally intense moments of his life. If you are willing to share, what was one of your most emotionally intense moments?

Last night I learned that walking down 50 flights of stairs takes just under 9 minutes, that 99% of hi-rise occupants ignore fire alarms, and that smokers in stairwells can trigger building evacuations.

Getting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ right takes some effort in Markdown…

“How painful can it be?”

“It’s like a sunburn being scratched by a cat, a cat-scratched sunburn.”

To which I ask, is getting a tattoo more or less painful than laser hair removal?

Well, it was fun while it lasted…

Horizontal Control.

Hot Black Coffee in Toronto makes a good chai latte, too. Having a grand time here so far today with @snookca.

Micro Monday so soon? Have you seen @pip’s pics? Wow!

Not @pip’s pic: