noasi on a smaller scale

When life gives you lemons, respond with raspberries and a twist of lime.

Women peeing on seats + said women not cleaning up after themselves + subsequent women not going into said stalls + said subsequent women not checking all stalls = really unnecessarily long lines of uncomfortable women.

Okay, yes, Hawaii, you are lovely tonight. #nofilter

Whoo! @hankchizljaw is here! Next up, encourage more posting.

Aw yisssssssss. Bob just wrote his first HTML. Old dogs, new tricks and all that. F— yeah!

Well this is an experience, building a website for a quirky octogenarian friend to use. If I didn’t like him so much, I’d be all (งツ)ว As it is, this is an adventure.

Oh, hot damn, no MTA is installed by default on Ubuntu 18. This makes me irrationally happy.

Okay, where were we now?


Thank you, Oak, for your shade. May your roots hold the ground for another 300 years.

Micro Monday on a Thursday - I’m loving @andreww’s chronicles of Paxton’s Work Day today. 😍

I f’ing hurt.

Unrelated, the coneflowers (echinacea) are lovely today.

Welcome to, @susanjrobertson! So excited you’re here!

Just in case I forgot I was in Portland, the neighborhood cats come out to greet me.

I have not experienced such friendly felines in any other city. They are crazy to me.

Blueberries and peaches. A good picking day! Yay, Portland!

Just posted my @xoxo intro describing myself (name, pronouns, location, and current project), and hooboy that was all kinds of awkward and uncomfortable and exciting and omgwhatamIdoi…


Let the Grand Adventure begin!

But here we are.

“Everything is only for a day, both that which remembers and that which is remembered.”

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Meditations

Seen on the NYC Library Walk.

Configuring virtual machines: not really what I expected to be doing tonight on this project.

Nope, still don’t like coffee.

We had Hokusai’s Great Wave in green tea ice cream tonight.

Oh, I have been waiting for micro Monday for nearly a week now!

@sexyhermit for his view-on-run photos

@ejjett for his insightful “ramblings”

@jgordon for his influx of interesting links

@larison for the fascinating words of the day

Today had a few difficult moments. Overall, however, it was a good NYC day.

Heading to NYC tomorrow. Anyone up for breakfast 🍩 brunch 🍣 lunch 🍕coffee ☕️ tea 🍵? How about paper shop recommendations? We are in NYC through Tuesday.