noasi on a smaller scale

I am reminded, yet again, that “what’s old to you is new to someone else” is true even when that someone else is an expert.

My #imagecon2018 talk, Beyond Resizing, The Image Performance Checklist, transcript and slides are (finally) up at - thanks to everyone who came, and Cloudinary for organizing! Lots of fun!

TFW you realize you can’t figure out how to automate a change, and need to paste a string into a document 172 times…

Morning run.

I appreciate when coffee places have good tea selections. Copa Vida in Old Town Pasadena has a great selection. 🍵

“Do we know the weight of a neutrino?”

“Which one? And no.”


Oh, such a nostalgically happy place! But let’s be honest, it was its own kind of torture. #caltech

OH “There’s something about an old Jewish lady talking about Biggie Smalls with some level of familiarity…”

Checking out Jameson Brown in Pasadena with @snookca. Still wish I liked coffee. #stillnope

I am incredibly grateful for this community.

Of all the holidays that could crush me, this was not the one I expected to succeed.

Started reading one of my grandfather’s books on logic. Second deductive example was an example of guilt by association, and a rather poor deductive example. I might need a better book on logic. 📚

“… developed a strong and scalable test strategy, which allowed them to create over 40k tests and bring down their bug rate to 2%!”

What does that even mean? A 2% bug rate? I’m a 0% bug rate until a bug is found. Does that count?

Example of a scorpion in black lighting, for @macgenie and her nephew.

I learned my lesson. #scorpion

A happy note for @modernlittleme, Mom continues to accept my bribes for cooking time in her kitchen. This morning’s bribe was waffles.

Close enough.

First time in almost a decade, Mom is letting me cook in her kitchen. I had to promise green tea soufflés for the privilege.