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Sick days spent actually sick suck.

Today’s experiment was egg bite sous vide. Too much chili pepper meant I wasn’t thrilled, but, hey, J ate eggs, so there’s that success.

Micro Monday reco: @vanessa - I am excited about their web adventuring here!

Unrelated: ice.

I wish I liked Field Notes’ notebooks’ bindings. These covers are lovely.…

I’ve managed to follow enough people who post regularly on m.b. that I’m starting to miss posts. 🤔 …mixed feelings about this.

I shall title this one, “Coffee Addiction.”

Hrrrmmmmm… frustrating first impression. :(

Well, this one had doors. 🚁

I suspect a cover-up for Harry Dresden’s “borrowing” of Sue.

Happy making instead, a beluga whale. :)

TIL you have to have a workout on a day in order for the exercise to count towards the Activity Move streak. My 405 day streak ended on Sunday when I had 15k steps, 51 minutes of exercise, but no recorded workout. In so many ways, this watch app sucks. That’s one.

Sound you don’t want to hear at an aquarium: dripping water. #shedd

Started reading Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday. The descriptions of Thiel’s and Denton’s places, lined with and stacks of books, make my longing for a home, one full of books again, nearly unbearable.

Canyon Diablo meteorite at the #AdlerPlanetarium

Talking About My Tribe There, Missy

As I sat in a stall, two women walked in, talking loudly about Matt’s recent wedding, and, like OMG what a comic book dork he is and have you seen his custom Batman costume? Such. A. Dork. We all walked out of our stalls at the same time. As I stood there, looking at them both, I had never wanted so hard to be in a Batman costume before.

Micro Monday! Follow @patrickrhone and not just here, see also books, website.

Forever and ever the Sears Tower. #tiles #lookdown

“Just look, LOOK, look into the chocolate souls of these apples. Do they not say, ‘Eat me!’?” - 10yo to me.

Tomorrow’s adventure in the distance. #shedd #adler #happymaking

“An outlet would be nice. There’s this one.”

“That one’s locked.”

“You don’t know me very well if you think that one’s locked.”