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Looking up, from last year.

Today’s fire alarm testing was a complete success.

Finished Broken River by J. Robert Lennon, recommended a couple weeks ago by @patrickrhone. I enjoyed it, worth reading 📚

Broke my first rule of alcohol tonight, “Never drink alone.” Y’all are here, right?

Made this one. Still don’t have the night-owl pin. #crackingmeup


Commencing in 3… 2…

Well that was a miss.

Board, and not bored.

Using coffee as a medicine was a terrible idea. Confirmed with Mom and Dad that coffee doesn’t have the desired effect on either of them, so I am now unsurprised at its ineffectiveness.

Okay, can’t stop laughing at this poor puppy.…

Oh. Right. Lent begins today.


“Gradually, then all at once.” Falling asleep. Falling in love. Falling into bankruptcy. Aging. What else?

at is my favorite unix command.

I keep trying these drinks, macchiato, cortado, latte, espresso, and all I’m finding is sour then bitter. :\

“It’s the not knowing that makes it interesting.”

That moment when you realize you can’t win, and never could have.

Reading this morning’s tea leaves. #casestudy #pdx

Yes, Portland adventures are going along nicely…